You have reached the personal photo gallery of Rohit Nafday, yet another thirty-something drifting along aimlessly toward inevitable oblivion.


The history of my photo gallery dates back almost to the founding of Rohit's Realm in 2001. I bought my first digital camera in December 2001, and have been an avid photographer ever since then.

Until May 2003, my photos were hosted using a rudimentary photo gallery I had written in PHP. That month, I scrapped that software and switched to the excellent open source Gallery software, which would serve me well for the next decade. In June 2014, however, the Gallery project went into hibernation due to the core team having moved on, and I began the slow and somewhat sad process of investigating potential replacements.

After much research, I concluded that nothing in existence quite fit my (somewhat idiosyncratic) requirements and therefore rolling a web application from scratch would be required. Fortunately, the foundation was already set, as many years before I had designed RIOT, a photo cataloging system (described here and here), and thus already had a photo database. The trick would just be to write a web front end to that database.

Another year or so would elapse before I finally found the time to port RIOT to Ruby. Work on the web front end, which by then had acquired a name (Riot Gallery), commenced in late 2015 and was completed in January 2016. This is the version you are viewing now.


The content and design of this website are entirely my own work. I owe a significant debt of gratitude, however, to a number of extraordinary tools—largely open source—that have made web development and design a (relatively) painless process.

This website is powered by a home-rolled photo gallery application, Riot Gallery, written entirely from scratch in Ruby, using the excellent Sinatra framework. All pages should validate for both XHTML 1.0 and CSS.

The site is hosted on a colocated server and served using Apache. Although best viewed in a modern, standards-compliant browser with a screen resolution of at least 1024x768, the site employs an elastic design that should degrade gracefully.

As always, I—and this site—stand on the shoulders of giants who have preceded me. Almost everything used to develop and host the Riot Gallery software and this site is open source and often, free—as in beer. I have a special place in my heart for FreeBSD, PostgreSQL, and Emacs.