Summer (2011)

Various photographs from summer 2011.

Ken Taco Hut

Garett's last meal (in New York) at the Ken Taco Hut in Penn Station.

Lonely Birthday

A birthday party sans people at the Cloisters.

Tour Boat

A tour boat on the Hudson River, as seen from the Cloisters.


Flags flying in the wind at the Cloisters.

Staircase to Nowhere

A desolate staircase near the Cloisters.

Quiet Zone

A sign for a quiet zone at the Cloisters.

Outside the Cloisters

Empty driveway outside the Cloisters.


A sculpture of Christ in the Cloisters.

The Cloisters

The Cloisters seen from the courtyard.

Underwhelming Fountain

An underwhelming fountain in the Cloisters courtyard.


A small plant in the Cloister's courtyard.

Candles and Doorway

Candles surrounding a doorway.

Another Plant

Another plant in the Cloisters' courtyard.

Virgin Mary

A statue of the Virgin Mary in the Cloisters.

Stained Glass

Stained glass at the Cloisters.

Statues on Pedestals

Statues on pedestals in the Cloisters.

Statues and Paintings

Various statues and paintings in the Cloisters.

Art Panel

Panel of paintings at the Cloisters.

Statue of Traveler

A statue in the Cloisters.

Gold Hand

A statue of a gold hand.


Legs and plant at the Cloisters.