Bear Mountain (2016)

Photos from a trip to Bear Mountain, NY, on December 31, 2016.

Historic 1777 Trail

A description of the 1777 Trail (to Doodletown).

Murder Tunnel

Tunnel along the 1777 Trail.


A sign for the Doodletown walking tour.

June Family Burial Ground

The June family burial ground.

UFO Landing Site

A UFO landing site (allegedly!) in Doodletown.

De Blasio Road

A decrepit road in Doodletown. (Pave the roads!)

Tree Stump

An oddly shaped tree stump in Doodletown.

Doodletown Reservoir (One)

Waterfall near the Doodletown Reservoir.

Doodletown Reservoir (Two)

The Doodletown Reservoir.

Cemetery Closed

Herbert Cemetery in Doodletown.

Stream Near Doodletown

A stream near Doodletown.

Stairway to Nowhere

Stairway to nowhere in Doodletown.

Light Over the Mountains

Light over the mountains.