Luxembourg City (2007)

Photographs from Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, on January 4, 2007.

Luxembourg City (One)

Parts of Luxembourg City seen from the bridge entering downtown.

Clock Tower

A clock tower in the distance, seen from Luxembourg City.


A church in Luxembourg City.

Typical Street

A typical street in Luxembourg City.

Cobblestone Road and Alley

An alley and cobblestone path in Luxembourg City.

Alley Close-Up

A close-up of an alley in Luxembourg City.

Overlooking Fortifications

An panoramic view of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Luxembourg City.


A view of the valley by the old fortifications.

Houses Along the Stream

Houses situated along the stream in Luxembourg City.

Bridge Crossing Moat

A bridge crossing the stream (moat) in Luxembourg City.

Reflections in the Stream

More of the buildings by the stream in Luxembourg City.

Blue Skies

A tree and fortification ruins in Luxembourg City.

Railway Bridge

A railway bridge over the valley.

Train Traveling Along Bridge

A train traveling along another bridge in Luxembourg City.

City Outskirts

Luxembourg City outskirts seen from fortification site.

Buildings in Luxembourg City

Buildings in Luxembourg City seen from fortification site.

Cobblestone Path and Arch

A cobblestone path passing through an arch.

Panorama of Fortification Site

A panorama of the fortification site, seen from lower.

Neumunster Abbey

Neumunster Abbey in Luxembourg City.

Neumunster Abbey (Two)

A less ominous picture of Neumunster Abbey in Luxembourg City.

Bock Fiels

Wide-angle view of Bock Fiels in Luxembourg City.


A stairway leading to the top of the fortification site.

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City seen from Bock Fiels.

Bock Fiels and Bridge

Bock Fiels and the bridge crossing the stream seen from the ground level.

Main Building

The main building of the Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat (BCEE) in Luxembourg City.