Montréal (2010)

Photos from Montréal, Canada, on April 29 - May 2, 2010.

Old Montreal

Cobblestone street in Old Montreal.

Street Sign

Street sign in Old Montreal.

Lonely Alley

Empty alley in Old Montreal.

Telephone Booths

Telephone booths by the water.

Notre Dame de Bon Secours Chapel

Notre Dame de Bon Secours Chapel in Old Montreal.

Sex and Reflection

Reflection of us in an ad for the sex expo at the Science Museum.

Sailors' Memorial Clock Tower

Sailors' Memorial Clock Tower, seen from the side.

Molson's Factory

Molson's factory on the waterfront.

Old Montreal from the Water

Old Montreal seen from the Sailors' Memorial Clock Tower.

Silo No. 5

Decrepit silo seen from the side.


Silophone at Silo No. 5.

Silo No. 5

Silo No. 5, close up.

Statue of John MacDonald

Statue of John MacDonald in downtown Montreal.

Schwartz's Deli

Schwartz's Deli in Montreal.


The Biosphere in Montreal.

Downtown Montreal from the Biosphere

Downtown Montreal seen from the Biosphere.

Half Car

A car split in half at the Biosphere.

Reflection in a Stream

Reflection in a stream on the way to the casino.


The casino in Montreal.

Gold Facade

Gold facade outside the casino.