Nara (2009)

Photographs from Nara, Japan, on August 22, 2009.

Pond Outside Kofukuji Temple

A bird on a rock in a pond outside Kofukuji Temple.

Kojukuji Temple and Reflection

Kofukuji Temple and its reflection.

Five Story Pagoda

A five-story pagoda at Kofukuji Temple.

Hut in Deer Park

A hut in Deer Park.

Deer and Shinto Shrines

A deer outside a Shinto shrine.

Outside Todaji Temple

A sign outside Todaji Temple.

Gate at Todaji Temple

The gate at Todaji Temple.

Another Sign, Todaji Temple

Another sign outside Todaji Temple.

Todaji Temple and Reflection

Todaji Temple and its reflection.

Todaji Temple

Todaji Temple.

Todaji Temple (Front)

A front view of Todaji Temple.

Great Buddha Hall

Great Buddha Hall at Todaji Temple.

Great Buddha

Great Buddha, seen from the side.

Miniature Complex

Miniature complex at Todaji Temple.

Sorin at Todaji Temple

Sorin at Todaji Temple.

Deer and Cola

A deer in front of a vending machine in Nara.

Ancient Bell

An ancient bell near the Todaji Temple.

Outside Nigatsu-do Hall.

Signs outside Nigatsu-do Hall.



Kasuga Grand Shrine

A shrine in the Kasuga Grand Shrine complex.

Stairway in Kasuga Grand Shrine

Stairway in the garden surrounding Kasuga Grand Shrine.