Spring Break (2009)

Photos from a spring break trip to the southern United States, including Nashville, TN, and Biloxi, MS, on March 21-27, 2009.

Effingham Cross

The Effingham Cross at the intersection of Interstates 57 and 70.

Sabbath Day

Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.


You shall not commit adultery.

Sign for the Cross

The Cross: Truckers welcome.

American Jobs, American Values

Sign for the Economic Development Administration.

Jack Daniel's

Sign for Jack Daniel's Distillery.

House in Alabama

A small house on the side of the freeway, Alabama.

House in Alabama (Two)

Another small house on the side of the freeway, Alabama.

Cloudy Sky

Cloudy Sky, Mississippi.

Mississippi Welcome Center

Sign for the Mississippi Welcome Center.

Mississippi Center for Justice

Sign for Mississippi Center for Justice.

Stacked Pipes

Pipes stacked in Biloxi.

Abandoned Store Fronts

Abandoned store fronts in Biloxi.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes in Biloxi.

Biloxi Water Tower

Biloxi water tower.

Le Bakery

Le Bakery and Cafe, Biloxi.

Destroyed Basketball Court

A destroyed basketball court in Biloxi.

Destroyed Dock

Remnants of a dock in Biloxi.

Destroyed Dock (Two)

Remnants of a dock from the other side.

Destroyed Piers

More destroyed piers in Biloxi.


Foundation of a house on the water.

More Destruction

More waterfront destruction in Biloxi.


More foundations with no buildings.

For Sale

For Sale sign, Biloxi.

Destroyed House

A destroyed house in Biloxi.

More Destroyed House

More of the destroyed house in Biloxi.

Broken Bridge

A broken bridge in Biloxi.

More Destroyed Docks

More waterfront damage.

Waterfront Damage (Four)

More destroyed docks.

Broken Pier

A destroyed pier on the beach in Biloxi.


Biloxi Lighthouse.

Lighthouse Sign

Sign for the Biloxi Lighthouse.


Birds on the beach.