Tokyo (2009)

Photographs from Tokyo, Japan, on August 20, 2009.


With a ridiculously efficient public transportation system and no crime, why would anyone put the Olympics in Chicago?


Wine stored at Meiji Shrine.

Empty Roads

Empty roads on the way to Meiji Shrine.

Gate to Meiji Shrine

Gate to Meiji Shrine.

Shrine Complex

Outside the shrine complex, as seen through a small door.

Imperial Gardens 1

First of several shots at the Imperial Gardens in Tokyo.

Imperial Gardens 2

Reflection of flowers in the water at the Imperial Gardens.

Imperial Gardens 3

Waterfall at the Imperial Gardens.

Imperial Gardens 4

Reflection through the bushes at the Imperial Gardens.


Moat surrounding the Imperial Gardens.

Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple in Tokyo.

Tourists at Sensoji

Tourists at Sensoji Temple in Tokyo.


Hozomon, the main gate at Sensoji Temple.


Kaminarimon, the outer gate at Sensoji Temple.

Gate Adornment

Outer gate adornment.